Milestone Series opens registration for its three gran fondo european races in 2020 on october 8th
Milestone Series opens registration for its three gran fondo european races in 2020 on october 8th

Milestone Series opens registration for its three gran fondo european races in 2020 on october 8th

12 September, 2019


  • The bib numbers for three of the races can be purchased on the web on October 8th at 12h CEST.
  • With this new reservation process, cyclists can purchase bib numbers for more than one race as well as the technical gear for the Milestone Series and the Mallorca312.
  • Milestone Series is the new brand for the premium Gran Fondo Races created from the experience acquired during the ten editions of the legendary Mallorca312.    

Mallorca, September 13, 2019. Milestone Series, the new brand for the premium Gran Fondo Races, opens registrations for three of its cycling races in 2020: Mallorca 312 (Spain, April 25th), Eifel 205 (Germany, August 22nd) and Båstad 208 (Sweden, September 13th). Registration begins on October 8th at noon CEST at

The race responsible for the creation of the brand Milestone Series is Mallorca 312. This event registered 8,000 participants last year in only 6 days. According to, Xisco Lliteras, CEO of Milestone Series: we are honored to announce that the bib numbers are available for purchase worldwide for three important races in 2020: Mallorca 312, Eifel 205 and Båstad 208. Each race has different routes that have been carefully prepared and we are trying to bring excitement and participation to all the residents of the cities where the races run through. We want the Milestone Series to be a great sporting event where everyone participates, since everything began 11 years ago in Mallorca 312. We have worked non-stop to export the successful and mature model of Mallorca 312 to countries such as Germany and Sweden. We are convinced that this first edition for these two destinations will be a success, and the first of many”. 

Mallorca 312: Spain, April 25th, 2020 

The race in 2020 will be the 11th edition where 8,000 people are expected to participate from all over of the world to be part of one of the most legendary single-day races currently taking place in the international scene. Mallorca, and in particular, Platja de Muro, will be the usual starting and arrival point for this event that offers three phenomenal routes of 312 kilometers, 225 kilometers and 167 kilometers around the island of Mallorca. 

The Mallorca race is already a benchmark for the one-day worldwide cycling event for those who want the best possible experience on wheels, as they tour beautiful villages around the Mallorca geography and are cheered on by thousands of people as they pass through the streets of the towns on their bikes. 

There are several aspects that make the Mallorca 312 a success regarding its participation. The climate the island offers during the months of spring is ideal for cycling. The terrain is perfect, since it combines mountain areas with flat surfaces and spectacular landscapes. The roads are very good and the Mallorca tourist industry offers excellent hotels with all the necessary amenities to accommodate cyclists from all over the world.

With all this, it’s not surprising that during the last 11 years, great cyclists such as Indurain, Contador, Perico Delgado, Sean Kelly, Horrillo, Joseba Beloki, Purito Rodríguez, Oscar Freire or Iván Basso, have participated in the Mallorca 312.  

Eifel 205: Germany, August 22nd, 2020

Milestone Series arrives at the German region of Eifel on August 22nd with a main circuit of 205 kilometers and a slope of 2,930 meters, in addition to two short distances of 166km and 104km. The race goes through towns such as Waxweiler, Heilhausemühle, Forsthaus Bleialf and Heilhauser Mühle, with main headquarters in Bitburg.

Since the Milestone Series was announced last May in Germany, the organization has received numerous requests to learn more about this cycling event. Germany is a country that has a lot of cycling tradition. Furthermore, 14% of the participants in Mallorca 312 are from Germany. 

Eifel is the most volcanic region in Europe, where craters coexist with forests, lakes and valleys. A surprising setting for its visitors with an amazing natural beauty that, in addition, allows them to cycle all around on old railways that have been transformed into bike paths allowing cyclists to enjoy a privileged natural environment. 

Båstad 208: Sweden, September 13th, 2020

Båstad is a coastal city located in the Bjäre peninsula of Sweden and is the starting point and finish line for this one-day Gran Fondo Race organized by Milestone Series on September 13th, 2020. 

The cycling event covers Båstad and Hallandsåsen with two spectacular routes: 208 kilometers and 1,885 meters of positive slope. This is a real challenge for cyclists from the Nordic countries who cross different landscapes and spectacular slope elevations.

The city of Båstad and its surroundings are known for being one of Scandinavia’s best cycling destinations thanks to its excellent hotel infrastructure (perfectly prepared accommodations that cater to cyclists) and the beauty of its landscapes and slope elevations, which are unusual in Scandinavia. All these aspects make Milestone Series Båstad an essential challenge for cyclists from the Nordic countries.

UK: 2021

Milestone Series continues to grow in 2021. In particular, the race calendar has added one more event in the United Kingdom, where the usual British colony that participates each year in the Mallorca 312 can surely have another opportunity to be a part of a great cycling day closer to home.

Up until now, there are several tourist destinations that have shown interest in hosting a Milestone Series, so there may be other additions to the calendar in 2021. 

Milestone Series

Milestone Series is the new brand for the Gran Fondo Races organized by 312 Bike & Tours where cyclists can participate in one or all four of the European events. The four cycling-sports races offer amateur cyclists the experience of traveling kilometers of terrain along the most demanding routes designed for enjoyment. Each event has many distances to cover. The common denominator of the Milestone Series is to enjoy a day of cycling and to better oneself during this challenge. Milestone Series: More than a Gran Fondo Race!

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