13 March, 2020

Dear riders, 

We are aware that you may have a lot of questions and that is why we would like to officially inform you about the situation after the latest news on COVID-19.

The Spanish Ministry of Health and the national Government are firm in their recommendations: do not travel unless it is strictly necessary and avoid crowds as much as possible. In addition, last 11th March, the Consellería de Salut (Regional Department of Health) and the General Directorate of Public Health of the Govern of the Illes Balears announced that any public event gathering more than 1000 people shall be celebrated behind closed doors or postponed for the next 30 days, this measure being in force until 11th April. As you all know, the Mallorca 312 is planned for the 25th April and, even if the authorities have not made any provisions for said date or our specific event, we must start thinking about the different scenarios in order to offer the best possible experience.

For this reason, at the Organization of the Mallorca 312 we keep working on the configuration of the event in order to provide you with the best possible experience in case we can maintain the planned date. However, the health and safety of our riders and the Majorcan population are our priority, so we will be following up closely the decisions of the Health Authorities. Thus, there is a possibility that they will ban the event on the planned date, as we have the obligation and social responsibility of collaborating in preventing the propagation of the virus. Should this occur, we will have no other option but to postpone the event and find a new date, which would be duly communicated well in advance.

We will keep you posted in the forthcoming days through our official channels. Thank you for your understanding given these exceptional circumstances, as well as for all the support you are lending us in this difficult moment for all of us. 

Best regards, 

Xisco Lliteras, Director of the Mallorca 312